1. Text of Overture 04-32: The Starting Point on Divestment
2. Analysis and Commentary Concerning Overture 04-32
3. Text of Resolutions Adopted by 216th General Assembly on Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
4. Analysis and Commentary on the Resolution Approved by General Assembly
   4.1. The resolution relies upon flawed sources of historical background information
   4.2. The resolutions are premised upon flawed theological grounds
   4.3. Speakers were carefully chosen with no balance
   4.4. The error of calling for immediate and unconditional removal of the security barrier
   4.5. Divestment is the wrong pathway to peace in the region and guarantees that our church will play no constructive role as a mediator
   4.6. The error of trying to legislate a foreign policy by biennial resolutions in a fluid and constantly changing Middle East
   4.7. The strong probability that the resolutions do not reflect the views of a majority of Presbyterians
   4.8. The perception that the resolutions reflect a broader and troubling institutional bias against Israel within PCUSA offices and committees
      4.8.1. The Presbyterian News Service (PNS)
      4.8.2. PCUSA - Washington Offices
      4.8.3. The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP)
5. The October 2004 meeting with Hezbollah and its aftermath
6. The adverse impact of the resolutions on interfaith relations
7. Divestment Implementation: The Actions of the Mission Responsibility Through Investment Committee (MRTI)
8. Further Bias Against Israel: The February 2005 PCUSA Publication of “Steps Toward Peace”
9. Attempts to Suppress Internal and External Dissent by PCUSA leadership
   9.1. Stated Clerk Kirkpatrick's Response to “Presbyterians in Dialogue For Peace”
   9.2. PCUSA Response to September 2004 Letter from Fourteen Members of Congress Against Divestment
   9.3. PCUSA Response to Six Presbyterian U.S. Senators
   9.4. Only One Viewpoint Officially Tolerated on PCUSA Network
10. Links to Other Articles about Divestment
11. Overtures on Israel Submitted to the 217th General Assembly (June 2006)
12. Appendix A: Presbyterian News Service Stories on Palestine and Israel


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